Identification, Design Preparation and ontracting of Large Business – Related Infrastructure Projects Proposed for Financing under Future (2003-2006) Phare Esc Programmes
of Romanian Ministry of European Integrity

The project focused on the improvement of the tourist infrastructure and private business development in Romania with support for implementation. It was financed under PHARE 2003 Economic and Social Cohesion and involved projects in the following areas:

  • Suceava County: Provide car parking areas and public sanitation facilities at UNESCO monasteries and churches
  • Tulcea County: Improve access to the monasteries and environmental infrastructure
  • Vrancea County: New ski centre and other sport facilities in the Lepsa-Soveja region
  • Hunedora County: Improve the transport infrastructure allowing better access to the Dac and Sarmizegetusa Regia Fortresses
  • Arad County: Develop a multi-purpose sports centre, improve the Spa centre, modernize the county road DJ 792B
  • Cluj & Bistrita County: Develop the Spa infrastructure by improving the streets, parking areas and alleys in the park
  • Alba County: Improve the accessibility of 107M county road
  • Bucharest City: Improve the lake environments by desalting the lakes included in the project
  • Piatra Neamt City: Create parking area, a tourist building, ice-skating ring, ski centre and rehabilitation of the access road
  • Prahova & Brasov County: Improve the county road DJ102l (Prahova section 16.2 km long and Brasov section 13.5 km long)
  • Ramnicu Valcea: Up-grade the waste water collection facilities
  • Olt County: Improve the water supply network, sewage collection network and roads
  • Cluj County: Construct and up-grade the 31 km ring-roads of the two cities
  • Brasov County: Construct and up-grade the roads to provide a ring-road link (construction of 6 km ring road section including a bridge, overpasses, two roundabouts, associated landscaping etc.

Provided Services

  • Support Romanian authorities in the preparation of infrastructure projects implementation financed under PHARE European Steering Committee sub-programmes
  • Support competent authorities in rendering adequate construction supervision services on site
  • Support the 8 Regional Development Services of the Romanian Ministry of European Integrity and PHARE European Steering Committee for infrastructure projects in defining the large infrastructure projects that will constitute the 2004-2006 portfolio and the prioritization of projects to be financed under each programme
  • Support the European Steering Committee and the 8 Regional Development Services of the Romanian Ministry of European Integrity to plan and choose the mechanism for establishing the 2007-2013 portfolio
  • Preliminary design for certain projects

Project  Budget: € 35.0 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2004 – 2006