Waste Water Treatment Plant of Power Plant (Units Ι, ΙI, ΙII) at Megalopoli
of Public Power Corporation (PPC) S.A.

The project concerns the construction of a waste water treatment plant, to treat the waste water produced during the operation of the three (3) units and the auxiliary installations of PPC power plant at Megalopoli. The waste water treatment plant has a total minimum processing capacity of 1,200 m3/h and includes three first degree settlement tanks, one storm tank, one pH regulation tank, one coagulation tank, two flocculation tanks, two clarifiers, one processed waste water tank, one tank for mud deposition, one complex for storage, preparation and chemicals injection, three pump stations, system for industrial waste and rainfall water collection from the station area and transportation to the waste water treatment plant, tanks interconnecting channels, as well as all necessary mechanical and electrical equipment and auxiliary installations, systems and networks (industrial and rainfall sewer system, water supply system, etc.) and surrounding area infrastructure (roads, paving, etc.).

Provided Services

  • Detail design / engineering of civil and structural works
  • Detail design / engineering of building works for chemical & electrical building

Project  Budget: € 4.5 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2004 – 2005