Ptolemais SES Unit V- Engineering, Procurement, Transportation, Installation and Putting in Operation a Steam Unit of Gross Power 660 MW, Firing Pulverized Lignite, and Capable to Supply 140MWth Thermal Power for District Heating

of Public Power Corporation (PPC) S.A.

The Project refers to a new Lignite-Fired Steam Electric Unit (Ptolemais, UNIT V), to be erected in the area of the exhausted lignite minefields of Komanos, at a distance of approximately 4km from the existing Ptolemais SES.

The Unit shall be of maximum gross power output (Maximum Continuous Rate (MCR)) operating at pure condensing mode 660MWe capable to provide in the future, thermal load up to 140MWth for the district heating system of the Municipality of the city of Ptolemais.

The UNIT shall be of pulverized fuel firing with supercritical steam conditions and reheat, cooled by cooling water circulating in a wet type natural draft cooling tower.

The UNIT shall be complete with all necessary systems, such as:

  • Fuel handling, feeding and preparation system (pre-crushing, drying and pulverizing),
  • Steam generator with auxiliary systems,
  • Flue gas heat recovery systems (for maximizing Unit’s efficiency),
  • Steam turbine-generator set with auxiliary systems,
  • Condensing system and condensate/feedwater treatment (preheating and conditioning) systems,
  • Cooling tower and cooling water systems (open and closed cooling water systems),
  • Flue gas cleaning systems as mentioned in previous paragraph,
  • Clean gas system for the discharge to the atmosphere of the flue gases, via the cooling tower, without by-pass stack,
  • By-products handling and transportation systems (wet and fly ash, gypsum and sludge).

The unit shall consist of the following buildings, structures, facilities, site improvements and area works to be designed and constructed.

1. Crusher House
2. Transformers Yard
3. Turbine House
4. Electrical Building
5. Boiler House
6. Electrostatic Precipitators
7. Fans
8. Flue Gas Heat Recovery System
9. Absorber and Absorber Building
10. Recirculation Pumps Building
11. FGD Dewatering and Limestone Preparation Building
12. FGD Electrical Building
13. Limestone Unloading Building
14. Limestone Storage Silo
15. Void
16 Process Water Tank
17. Limestone Slurry Tank
18 Slurry Emergency Storage Tank
19. Gypsum Storage Silo
20. Fly Ash and Wet Ash Silos
21. Electrical Building for Ash Handling
22. Waste Water Treatment Plant (S1)
23A. Diesel Oil Unloading and Pumping Station
23B. Diesel Oil Storage Tank
24. Auxiliary Steam Generating Plant and Diesel Oil Tank
25. Daily Diesel Oil Tank
26. Cooling Tower
27 Cooling Water Pipes
28. Raw Water Storage Tank and Pumping Station
29. Reverse Osmosis Building
30. Desalinated Water Storage Tanks
31. Demi Water Plant and Chemical Laboratories
32. Demi Water Storage Tanks
33. Waste Water Treatment Plant (S2)
34. Sanitary Waste Water Treatment Plant
35. Lignite Conveyors
36. By-Products Conveyors
37. By-Products Transfer Station
38. Workshops Complex (Mechanical – Electrical)
39. Stores for Heavy and Light Spare Parts
40. Stores for Lubricants, Chemical, Inflammable materials
41. Outdoor Storage Area
42 Weighing Station
43. Administration Building
44. Parking for Administration
45. Canteen
46. Vehicles Workshop – Refuelling Station – Garage
47. Main Gate House – First aid Station – Entrance Shed
48. PPC site offices
49. Parking
50. Bus stop Shed
51. Roads and Pavements
52. Channels and Galleries for pipes and cables
53. Rainwater Drainage System
54. Industrial Waste Water Drainage System
55. Sanitary Sewage System
56. Access road
57. Anti Flood Protection
58. Fence
59. Landscaping