150 MWe New Gas Turbines Open Cycle Power Plant At Thiva, Viotia

Of Heron Thermoelectric S.A.

The project concerns the installation of three (3) skid fully operational and automated open cycle gas turbine generator sets for the production of electrical power 3×50= 150 MWe, consuming natural gas of 15.000 Nm3 /h total flow or alternatively diesel oil. The project includes also utility systems and installations such as step-up and step-down power transformers, MV and LV switchboards, batteries systems, UPS, control room, waste water treatment plant, natural gas M/R station and network, diesel oil storage and distribution system, facilities for storage, treatment and distribution of industrial, demineralized and potable water, fire fighting system, plant air, oily sewer system and gas turbine supply networks.

Provided Services

  • Detail design / engineering for civil works, structural works, mechanical installations, electrical installations, instrumentation and automation systems relevant to all utility systems of the power plant.

Project  Budget: € 57.0 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2004 – 2005