White Tower Green Field Project Cigarette Manufacturing Plant at Aspropyrgos, Attica
Of Papastratos S.A. (Philip Morris)
The project concerns the construction of a cigarette manufacturing plant of 48,000 m2 total covered area and surrounding area works in a plot of 217,000 m2 total surface, at north industrial area of Aspropyrgos, as well as the relocation of the existing manufacturing facilities of PAPASTRATOS S.A. to the new industrial complex. The plant consists of tobacco receiving and buffer storage areas of 1,840 m2, tobacco processing area (primary) of 7,125 m2 total covered area, non-tobacco materials (NTM) and finished goods (FG) receiving / shipping and buffer storage areas of 3,330 m2 total covered area, cigarette manufacturing area (secondary) of 7,300 m2 total covered area, auxiliary production facilities (support) of 9,400 m2 total covered area, administration and employees facilities (administration) of 8,600 m2 total covered area, flammable liquids store, technical facilities to house equipment and functions such as steam boilers, chillers, water pumps, fire water reservoir, fuel tanks, transformers, emergency generator, etc., print shop composed of one storey building of 6,000 m2 total covered area, gate house, waste water treatment plant. The surrounding area works include parking areas, roads, drainage and lighting system, landscaping, fence and gates.

Provided Services

  • Basic design, design for permits issuance and detail design / engineering of civil works, structural works, mechanical and electrical installations
  • Geological / hydro-geological and geotechnical investigation study
  • Environmental impact assessment study
  • Permits acquisition from authorities
  • Construction tender documents preparation and bids evaluation
  • Time and cost planning, scheduling and control, reporting
  • Construction supervision

Project  Budget:  € 40.0 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2004 – 2008