Gasoil Hydrodesulfurization (Hds) Unit In OKTA Refinery, Skopje

Of Okta Refinery S.A.

The Project concerns the erection of a gasoil hydrodesulphurization (HDS) unit (U-800) capable to produce gasoil with 300 ppm w/w sulphur content, the construction of the associated interconnecting pipework and a new Flare Unit of 2.500 m3/h flow.

Provided Services

  • Site survey at former location of the unit at refinery in Denmark
  • Review of the “as built” drawings and mechanical catalogues relevant to mechanical installations and instrumentation of the unit
  • Topographical survey at Okta refinery
  • Geological / geotechnical studies
  • Detail design / engineering for civil works and structural works

Project  Budget: € 10.7 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2002 – 2004