Mechanical & Electrical Installations of Egnatia Highway Sections in Northern Greece
of Egnatia Odos S.A.

The project concerns the construction of mechanical & electrical installations (power distribution, tunnel ventilation, lighting, fire detection & alarm system, fire fighting system, PABX, CCTV & SCADA systems) in the following sections of Egnatia highway in northern Greece: Highway section Strymonas – Nea Peramos about 44 km long, with 4 intersections and a 1,650 m twin bored tunnel, highway section Panagia – Grevena about 15 Km long up to Grevena intersection, with three bridges and a 1,348 m twin tunnel on one branch and a 1,216 m tunnel on the other branch, highway section Polymylos – Veria about 13 Km long from Polymylos to Veria intersection, including also Veria intersection, with 9 tunnels of 4,700 m total length, Kavala detour section and Selles interchange.

Provided Services

  • Basic design and front end engineering of mechanical and electrical installations
  • Tender documents preparation for EPC contracts

Project  Budget: € –
Services  Implementation Period: 1997 – 2007