Upgrade of Jet A1 Fuel Facilities at Malta International Airport


The project concerns the upgrade of Jet A-1 storage facilities of Malta International Airport, consisting of the construction of 3 Jet A-1 fixed cone roof tanks (total capacity 15,600 m3) in order to be used as Intermediate Deposit and the installation of 2 pumps for transfers between Intermediate and Airport Deposit, 2 filter-wa-ter separators, an automated dewatering system for the Jet A-1 tanks, an SDA injection unit, an Oil-Water Sep-arator, firefighting – fire alarm system for both existingand new facilties, new automation system and control room. As part of the project is also the replacement of existing truck loading metering skids with new ones.

Provided Services

  • Extended Basic Design
  • Tender Documents preparation
  • Project budget estimation
Project  Budget: 
Services  Implementation Period: 2016