Revamping Of FCC Unit (U4100 / 4200) And Hydrocracker Unit (U4000)
At Aspropyrgos Refinery


The project concerns the revamping of FCC unit (U-4100/4200) and mild hydrocracker unit (U-4000) and the construction of associated interconnecting pipework. The revamped FCC unit has an increased capacity of 275 m3/h at 15oC and is capable to produce a 360+oC TBP hydrotreated vacuum gasoil with 95 wt% desulphurization and an atmospheric gasoil with less than 350 ppm w/w sulphur content. The mild hydrocracker unit U-4000 was revamped in order to cover the increased capacity of the FCC unit.

Provided Services

  • Construction supervision
  • Fulfilment verification of contractor’s quality assurance / quality control system
  • Time planning, scheduling and control
  • Construction physical progress evaluation and reporting
  • Fulfilment verification of contractor’s health safety and environmental protection systems

Project  Budget: € 19.2 million
Services  Implementation Period: 1999 – 2000