Elefsis Refinery Upgrade Project

of HEL.PE. S.A.

Being the largest private industrial investment in Greece and aiming the reduction in the production of heavy fuel oil and the maximization in the production of middle distillates, the project included the installation of the following basic units:

  • A vacuum unit with a capacity of 45,000 bbl / day.
  • A high pressure hydro-cracking unit with a capacity of 39,000 bbl / day, the only one of its kind in Greece, producing ultra low-sulfur diesel.
  • A thermal cracking unit (flexicoker), with a capacity of 20,000 bbl / day, the only one of its kind in Greece and just the second in Europe, using Exxon know-how and technology, for converting crude residue into coke and clean gaseous fuel for the energy needs of the refinery.
  • A hydrogen production plant with a capacity of 120,000 Nm3/hour.
  • Auxiliary units (air, steam, sulfur recovery, amine, water cooling and others).

The new refinery is characterized by its increased yield of middle distillates (diesel, jet fuel) and modern and environmentally friendly standards, which are in short supply in Europe and the Mediterranean region. Respectively, there is no output of low-value high-sulfur fuel oil, the demand of which is steadily decreasing in the European market. Also, the refinery’s operating conditions in terms of both safety as well as environmental impact were significantly upgraded.

Provided Services

C&M provided the following services:


  • Technical Consultancy Services for Electrical – Mechanical Works
    • Design Review (drawings, specifications, calculations)
    • Review / control and administration of purchase orders for Electrical – Mechanical Equipment
    • Participation in Technical Meetings
  • Technical Consultancy Services for Contracts Administration
    • Monitoring / control of terms & conditions of contracts
    • Review of Quantities Surveying / Progress and Payment Certificates
    • Review / evaluation of  Variations / Claims /Disputes Settlement
    • Participation in Technical Meetings


  • Review and control of the efficiency of all programs, procedures and construction methods issued by the contractor
  • Materials and equipment handling management
  • Construction supervision in civil. piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation
  • Review of construction works time schedule
  • Fulfillment verification of contractor’s quality assurance/quality control system
  • Fulfillment verification of contractor’s health safety and environmental protection systems
  • Construction contract administration
  • Document management
  • Commissioning, performance tests and start up assistance
  • Support project handing over and acceptance

Project  Budget:  € 1.400 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2009 – 2012