Fuel Storage Facilities and Truck Loading Station at Has Saptan, Malta


The project concerns the revamping of the existing underground storage facilities and the construction of a new truck loading station.

The revamping of the existing storage underground facilities consists of the upgrade of 4 existing tanks in order to be used for gasoline storage, and installation of 12 new pumps for fuel transfers to the new truck loading station, 2 new pumps for the Jet A-1 transfers to the Luqa airport, automated dewatering system for the Jet A-1 tanks, new firefighting – fire alarm system and EDG. The new truck loading station consists of 6 loading bays with 3 loading arms and 1 vapour return arm at each bay, 15 loading pumps, 7 additive injection units, 2 biofuels blending units, vapour recovery unit, nitrogen generation unit, oil-water separator, firefight-ing system, fire alarm system, EDG, loading gantries automation system and Control Room common for underground and new truck loading facilities.

Provided Services

  • Extended Basic Design
  • Tender Documents preparation
  • Project budget estimation

Project  Budget: 
Services  Implementation Period: 2015 – 2016