Feasibility Study for the East-Med Gas Pipeline Project

Of Natural Gas Submarine Interconnector GREECE-ITALY POSEIDON (IGI Poseidon) S.A.

In recent years several large offshore natural gas dis-coveries have been made in the South Eastern Mediter-ranean basin. Monetization of this natural gas reserve could be achieved in various ways, including a subsea pipeline solution. 

IGI Poseidon SA has decided to investigate the imple-mentation of a gas pipeline project to transport the natural gas from the South Eastern Mediterranean basin to the European Gas Network. The Eastern Med-iterranean pipeline project (East Med) is classified as a Project of Common Interest (PCI) status according to the provisions of EU regulation 347/2013. 

IGI Poseidon SA has contracted the consortium INTEC-SEA BV – C&M Engineering SA to perform a feasibility study to assess the feasibility of the Project to transport natural gas from the offshore source to the Poseidon Project (Thesprotia prefecture in West Greece) and to identify the best configuration from technical, safety, environmental, authorization, operational and econom-ic point of view. 

The pipeline will be able to carry 10 bcma providing Europe diversification and security of supply.

 The Project comprises of:

  1. A 24” offshore pipeline from the field to Cyprus;
  2. A compressor station on Cyprus. Total ISO Power 100 MW.
  3. A 26” offshore pipeline connecting Cyprus with the Greek Island of Crete
  4. A compressor station on Crete. Total ISO Power 120 MW
  5. A 26” offshore pipeline from Crete to South Peloponnese
  6. A 42” onshore pipeline from South Peloponnese to Ipirus
  7. A short 42” offshore pipeline across the Patraikos Gulf and further to the rest of Europe.

Various alternate carrying capacity are under consideration:

  1. 10 bcma from Cyprus to Crete and 16 bcma fromCrete onwards.
  2. 20 bcma from the field onwards



Provided Services

  • System Screening & Optimization Study
  • Overall System Hydraulics
  • Onshore Route Feasibility
  • Offshore Route Feasibility
  • Consultation with Authorities, to identify constraints for landfalls, offshore and onshore pipeline
  • Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment Studies
  • Preliminary Safety Study
  • Cost and Schedule Estimating
  • Compressor Stations and Pipelines design
  • Reporting & Presentation of the Studies
Project  Budget:  € 5.2 billion
Services  Implementation Period: 2015 – 2016