Basic and Detailed Engineering Design & Environmental Impact Assessment for the High Pressure Natural Gas Pipeline from
Ag. Theodori to PPC / Megalopolis

of Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) S.A.

The project concerns the construction of a high pressure natural gas pipeline to connect the Natural Gas Transmission System (NGTS) of DESFA at Ag.Theodori with the 800 MWe combined cycle power plant of P.P.C. at Megalopolis in Peloponnese and to cover the needs of the urban-commercial sector and of the small industries at various regions in Peloponnese.

The project consists of the following main facilities and components:

  • 158 km of 30/24 inch diameter high-pressure gas pipeline
  • Five Line Valve Stations
  • Two Terminal Scraper Stations
  • SCADA and Telecommunication System integrated with the existing NGTS control system

Provided Services

  • Basic & Detailed Engineering Design
      • Routing Verification / Optimization
      • Geological / Geotechnical Researches
      • Seismic Studies
      • Civil / Structural Design
      • Pipeline Alignment Sheets
      • Site Layouts & Piping Arrangements for LVS & Scraper Stations
      • Electrical / Lightning Protection Design
      • Soil Resistivity Measurements
      • Cathodic Protection System & Pipe Integrity Design / Proximity Effects Study
      • Instrumentation Design
  • Preliminary and Final Environmental Impact Assessment Study
  • Contacts with Authorities /Permits Acquisition
  • Tender documents (ITT Packages) preparation for EPC contract

Project  Budget:  € 110 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2009 – 2013