Basic Engineering Design for the Onshore Part of the Natural Gas Interconnection Greece – Italy (IGI Project)

of Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) S.A.

The project concerns the construction of the Onshore Part of the Interconnection Greece-Italy (IGI Project) to transport initially 9 BCM/Y of natural gas from the Turkish border at Kipi to Florovouni, near the Thesprotia coast, where the pipeline ties in to the offshore section of the IGI Project. It is designed to ultimately form part of the Interconnection Turkey–Greece–Italy (ITGI) pipeline project, which will allow Italy and the rest of Europe to import natural gas from the Caspian Sea and the Middle East.
The project consists of the following main facilities and components:

  • 623 km of 42 inch diameter high-pressure gas pipeline
  • 16 No. Line Valve Stations
  • Two Terminal Scraper Stations and two intermediate Scraper Stations
  • Three Compressor Stations at Kipi, Komotini & Nea Messimvria
  • Two.Metering/Regulating Stations to supply gas to the existing Greek Natural Gas Transmission System at Komotini and Nea Messimvria
  • Operation and Maintenance Centre located in Ipiros Region
  • A dedicated SCADA / Control and Telecomminications facilities for the new Pipeline System
  • Latest Technology Security & Access Control Systems for all facilities

Provided Services

C&M provided the following services as partner in Consortium:

  • Basic Engineering Design
      • Site Survey & Final Definition of Pipeline Routing
      • Site selection for Stations / AGIs
      • Geological / Geotechnical Researches
      • Seismic Studies
      • Site Layouts / Architectural, Civil/Structural, Building Mechanical Installations /Utilities Design of all AGIs
      • Site Layouts & Piping Arrangements for all LVS & Scraper Stations
      • Electrical & Surge / Lightning Protection Design
      • Cathodic Protection System & Pipe Integrity Design
  • Consultation with Authorities
  • Permits Acquisition
  • Project Cost Estimate / Implementation Time Schedule
  • Tender documents (ITT Packages) preparation for EPC contracts

Project  Budget:  € 1,100 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2010 – 2011