Natural Gas Medium Pressure (19 Bar) Transmission System
Attica Branch North “Α”

Of Public Gas Corporation Of Greece (DEPA) S.A.

The project concerns the design and construction of 18” and 14” underground steel network of 25 km total length with operating pressure 19 bar, which extends from the metering station (70/19) at A. Liosia up to the end points, which are the Filis Ave. (Zefiri) for the 14’’ pipeline and the Parsis Str. at N. Ionia for the 18’’ pipeline. The project also includes 8 block valve stations along the pipelines route, two terminal stations 18” and 14” with pig launching / receiving facilities, cathodic protection system, cable for remote control –telecommunication and branches with steel pipes 6” and 4”.

Provided Services

  • Review and comments of contractor’s documents
  • Review of contractor’s design and engineering
  • Receipt control of the materials procured by the contractor
  • Supervision of construction works
  • Review of construction works time schedule
  • Construction physical progress evaluation and reporting
  • Fulfilment verification of contractor’s quality assurance / quality control system
  • Fulfilment verification of contractor’s health, safety and environmental protection systems
  • Construction contract administration
  • Document management
  • Project handing over and acceptance
Project  Budget: € 5.9 million (The cost for the purchasing of steel pipes is not included)
Services  Implementation Period: 1998 – 1999