Project Management Services For C.S.F. III Natural Gas Projects

Of Public Gas Corporation Of Greece S.A. (DEPA S.A.)

The project concerns the provision of project management services for 30 separate natural gas projects partially funded under the European Union Community Support Framework III. These projects consist of the interconnection between Greece and Turkey(ITG), expansions of the National Gas Transmission System to feed new consumers in ten (10) areas of Greece and upgrade of technology & other remote control and communication (RCC) works. The projects include high pressure (80 barg) pipelines, a border metering station, M/R stations feeding various consumers, remote control of pipeline valves, improvement of surge / lightning protection, SCADA upgrade, installation / expansion of medium pressure transmission system (MPTS) and installation of low pressure distribution network.

More specifically:

Interconnection between Greece and Turkey, consisting of :

High Pressure Pipeline between the G/T Border and Komotini
NPS 36”, 86 Km, material API 5L-X65, design pressure 80 bar, cathodic protection system, 4 line valve stations and 3 scraper stations along the route

Border Metering Station at the Greek – Turkish Border
Fiscal and custody transfer metering of gas exported from Turkey into Greece. Design pressure 80 bar, MAOP 75 bar, maximum design flow rate 11.6 bn m3/year ( 856,000 Nm3/h)

Expansions of the N.G.T.S to feed  new consumers in ten (10) areas of Greece,
consisting of :

High Pressure Pipeline to Corinth Area
NPS 30” (41.5 Km) & 20” (1.5 Km), material API 5L-X65, design pressure 80 bar, cathodic protection system, 3 line valve stations and 2 scraper stations along the route

Installation / Expansion of Medium Pressure Transmission System
Steel network 19 bar, 200 km length, NPS from 6” to 14” at Drama, Komotini (Phase B), Serres (Phase B), Katerini, Xanthi (Phase C), Thiva, Inofyta (Phase B)–Evia, Lamia, Kilkis
PE Network 4 Bar at Inofyta-Schimatari Area (Phase A)

Installation of Metering and Pressure Reduction (M/R) Stations
at Drama, Komotini, Serres, Katerini, Xanthi, Thiva, Lamia, Kilkis, Motor Oil (Corinth Area), VI.PE Larissa with max capacity from 13.075 Nm3/h to 40.408 Nm3/h

Upgrade of technology & other remote control and communication (RCC) works, consisting of:

Remote Control of High Pressure Pipeline Valves of the N.G.T.S.
Modification of 21 block valves on high pressure pipelines in order be remotely controlled through the existing SCADA system

Improvement of Surge / Lightning Protection
in more than 60 existing line valve stations and M/R stations of the N.G.T.S.

SCADA Upgrade
for the control centers at Patima and Nea Messimvria

Upgrade of Strymonochori Border Metering Station

Provided Services

C&M provided the following services as DEPA’s nominated Subcontractor:

  • Project Management
  • Preparation of project execution procedures
  • Establishment of QA/QC plan and safety manual/plan for project execution
  • Project control (planning, scheduling and control, budget preparation, cost control, reporting, technical bulletins preparation and update)
  • Tender documents preparation for EPC contracts, TPI contracts, design review and construction supervision contracts, and contracts for materials purchasing
  • Bids Evaluation
  • Contracting
  • Contracts administration
  • Fulfilment verification of contractors QA/QC systems and health, safety and environmental protection systems
  • Site representation and construction management
  • Contracts documents management
  • Project management team administration and IT system coordination


Project  Budget:  € 163 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2002 – 2006