Cryogenic Installations and Utility Systems for the Revithoussa Island LNG Terminal

of Public Gas Corporation of Greece (DEPA) S.A.

The project concerns the construction of the cryogenic installations and utility systems of LNG receiving terminal at Revithoussa island supplying natural gas to the existing national grid. The terminal comprises 2 x 65,000 m3 in ground LNG storage tanks, jetty facilities, 2 x 2,133 m3/h suction capacity boil-off gas compressors, recondenser unit, 3 x 225 m3/h LP(in-tank) LNG pumps per tank, 2 x 119 m3/h HP lowflow & 2 x 225 m3/h highflow (sendout) pumps, 2 x 125 m3/h open rack and 2 x 186.6 m3/h submerged combustion vaporizers, sea water pumps, fuel gas system, steel structures, underground networks, liquid fuel and water tanks, buildings with total covered area of 3,200 m² (administration, control room, cabinets rooms, substations, fire station, workshop – maintenance, restaurant), DCS, fire and gas detection and protection system, ESD system, seismic detection system, vibration monitoring system, cooling water system, fire fighting system, instrument and plant air system, CCTV system, sea water distribution system, emergency diesel generator, impounding basins, electrical supervisory and protection system, voting system, telephone system and surrounding area infrastructure.

Provided Services

Detail design / engineering of the following:

  • Steel structures for the process and utilities area
  • Concrete structures (except buildings)
  • Underground networks (fire fighting network, fresh water network, sea cooling water network, cable channels, sewage)
  • Surrounding area infrastructure works (roads, paving, etc.)
  • Building electromechanical installations


Project  Budget:  € 176 million
Services  Implementation Period: 1995 – 2000