3rd LNG Tank on Revithoussa Island LNG Terminal

of Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator (DESFA) S.A.

The project, partially funded under the European Union NSRF 2007-2013, concerns the increase of the storage capacity of the LNG receiving Terminal at Revithoussa Island. The existing storage capacity of the Terminal is 130.000 m3 of LNG and will be increased by 95.000 m3 of LNG by constructing a new third Tank.

More specifically, the project comprises:

  • Increasing the storage capacity of the LNG receiving Terminal from 130.000 m3 to 225.000 m3 LNG by constructing a Third Tank with diameter of 81,5 m and height of 35,26 m. The new tank will be partially buried in the ground (approx. 25m).
  • Installation of four new Low Pressure In-Tank LNG pumps of design capacity 200 m3/h LNG each, at discharge pressure of 1202 kPaA.
  • Installation of six pit ventilation fans of 11 kW each.
  • Installation of two pit drainage pumps of 2,4 kW each.
  • Construction of a new substation in order to cover the demands of the new Tank.
  • Construction of five new main piping lines which are required to be installed in order to serve the third Tank.
  • Upgrading of the DCS system for the new facilities.
  • Upgrading of the fire and gas protection and detection system for the new facilities.
  • Upgrading of ESD system for the new equipment.
  • Upgrading of vibration monitoring system for the new equipment.
  • Upgrading of existing lightning protection system.
  • Upgrading of electrical supervisory and protection system.
  • Provision of electrical facilities for the new equipment.
  • Surrounding works (roads, paving, fencing).
  • All necessary modification for accommodating works.

Provided Services

C&M provides the following services as partner in Consortium:

  • EPC contractor’s detail design / engineering review
  • Review and control of the efficiency of all programs, procedures and construction methods issued by the contractor
  • Technical support to the Owner for permits acquisition from authorities
  • Review and receipt control of the materials and equipment procured by the contractor
  • Construction supervision
  • Review of construction works time schedule
  • Fulfilment verification of contractor’s quality assurance/quality control system
  • Fulfilment verification of contractor’s health safety and environmental protection systems
  • Construction contract administration
  • Document management
  • Commissioning, performance tests and start up assistance
  • Support project handing over and acceptance

Project  Budget:  € 100 million
Services  Implementation Period: 2013 – 2016